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How much can you get a .com domain name today? It all depends on the type of domain you want. If you want a premium business domain name for your company, the chances are they are all taken. Gone are the days when you can just lunch your browser and get away with a cheap domain registration fee of $10…read more
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Domain Name Sales Report | Sold for $120,000 name sales report-domaining-com-ng
Domain Name Sales Report 03/08/2018 In our domain name sales report today I'll be listing some of the domains that sold for good prices. While Peter Askew's is the one that really caught my attention. Domain Price Date 40,000 USD 8/2/2018 37,000 USD 7/29/2018 27,200 USD 7/29/2018 25,522 USD 7/29/2018 22,383 USD 7/27/2018 21,527 USD…read more