best tips to sell your domain name fast

5 best tips to sell your domain name fast

When it comes to domain name business, you need to know how to value your assets in order to sell your domain names and not leave money on the table. On the other hand, you need know how much is cool with you, regardless of what the data or comparable assets are. However, there are tools out there that’ll be handy value and sell your domain name fast. See to check what similar domains sold for, and compare them to yours.  

Likewise, follow DN Journal’s top public sales of the week. Am sure these will give you a clue if your domain is overvalued or otherwise. Now that you know the value of your domain, read my tips below to guide you on how to sell your domain name fast.

Make it Easy for Buyers to Contact You

Perhaps the first thing you want to do to sell your domain name fast is to make it easy for potential buyers to contact you. Be sure your domain admin data shows your correct contact information.

Displaying  “for sale” Message on Your Domain’s Home Page Might Sell Your Domain

Next, create a landing page and write “for sale” on it.
Add relevant information and create a contact form so that buyers can contact you. If that is too technical for you, maybe you should make use of website, it’s simple and straightforward.

Engage the Service of Domain Name Brokers

If you are so sure of the quality of your domain name, why not use the service of some of the industry leading domain brokers. They can sell your domain name fast especially if it’s so premium. Check the list below for some of them:

Name Ninja (Bill Sweetman)
Names Plus Marketing (Alan Hack)
Outcome Brokerage (Ryan Colby)
Rob Sequin (Domain Buyer Broker)
Scott Ross
Starfire Holdings (Ali Zandi)
Uniregistry Market
Giuseppe Graziano (George Hong)
John Daly
Lumis, Inc.(Hobi Michalec)
Mark Monitor
Media Options (Andrew Rosener)
NameCorp (Alan Dunn)
Name Experts (Joe Uddeme)
Buckley Media Group (Kate Buckley)
Domain Holdings
eNaming (Tracy Fogarty)
Evergreen (Adam Strong and Jen Sale)

Auction the Domain Name

Another way to sell your domain fast is to attend a domain auction event and conferences often.

Likewise, you can use the service of online domain auction places like Sedo, Namejet, GoDaddy Auction, Flippa etc.

Develop the Domain Name

Ever heard of domain or website flipping? Website flipping is about buying a domain, developing it, and selling it immediately for a quick profit. We sometimes hold it for some time to appreciate before auctioning it. Obviously, the first option will sell your domain name fast, but a little profit. There are tons of buyers waiting to buy up your website provided it has a potential for future profit and it’s filled with quality content.

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