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Domain Name Sales Report | Sold for $120,000

Domain Name Sales Report 03/08/2018

In our domain name sales report today I’ll be listing some of the domains that sold for good prices. While Peter Askew’s is the one that really caught my attention.

Domain Price Date 40,000 USD 8/2/2018 37,000 USD 7/29/2018 27,200 USD 7/29/2018 25,522 USD 7/29/2018 22,383 USD 7/27/2018 21,527 USD 7/27/2018 120,000 USD 7/26/2018

Peter Askew is a veteran domain investor who has built businesses on quality domain names. He has an e-commerce business on and also a directory business on

According to Domain Name Wire in their domain name sales podcast, he acquired for $21,000 earlier. He then tried to build a SaaS call tracking service on the domain. But the business didn’t work to plan.

However, he later got a fat cheque from CallRail; a call tracking company who bought his domain for $120,000. That’s $99,000 dollars profit on a domain he earlier acquired for $21,000. Not bad right?

Listen to Peter Askew has he explains how he acquired, his experience, and advice on the business of domaining.

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