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.Com is Out of Reach. Get Your Business Domain Name for Less than $3

How much can you get a .com domain name today?
It all depends on the type of domain you want. If you want a premium business domain name for your company, the chances are they are all taken. Gone are the days when you can just lunch your browser and get away with a cheap domain registration fee of $10 or less to register any .com domain; there were much of it available.

Today all the best business domain names are taken. However, you have two options. First, you can go through the aftermarket and pay through your nose, or find a cheap alternative domain name extensions. And talking of alternatives, you can get for less than $3. 

Who is Domain for?

The or .ng domain is for anyone looking to start a business or service on a short premium business domain name. We can cite an example of such startups like, a telecommunication company providing mobile broadband internet service,; another telecommunication internet service provider,; an insurance company etc.

Likewise, already existing multinational companies who want to have a presence in Nigeria are registering the of their website too.,, and are just a few of them. I have compiled a few lists of businesses who have embraced the .ng extension for their business domain name below:

Nigeria business domain name examples

Will my website rank on

One of the few reasons people do shy away from a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is that they are not sure how their website will rank on google. However, the reverse is the case if you really know the benefit therein. Apart from the fact that people from that country will be rest assured that the company is here to stay and provide local content or services, using a country-specific domain like and providing genuine engaging content will greatly improve your search engine optimization. What more, you can get it for less than $3 as of today.

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